Selenium Automation

Steps to setup Selenium for automation.

1. Download Firefox 16.x or later.
2. Install Selenium IDE here for Firefox:
* You can use Selenium IDE within Firefox to record and generate html code or export to other file formats

3.  Install Eclipse  [Choose a Java based distribution]
4. Download client version for java at

Configure Eclipse

1. Download the Java driver and unzip them to C:\dev\selenium  (Windows)
2. Ensure Java 1.6 JDK or greater is installed
3. Install Eclipse Java IDE from
4. Launch Eclipse and create New Java Project from Package Explorer
5. Accept default settings in New Java Project Wizard and click Next
6. Configure Libraries and add all the external jar files from Step #1
7. Click Finish

Create Junit Test

1. Right-click on Project and choose New > Junit Test Case2. Choose New Junit4 test and provide Test Name
3. Add code from Selenium IDE Recorder when you export the playback to Java/Junit4/Webdriver for Chrome, Firefox or IE.  Export to Java/Junit4/WebDriver backed for Firefox and IE.
4. Fix any java coding issues
5. Run the Junit test from within Eclipse



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